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Asset-Based Drayage: 

We have the truck capacity to fit your business's demands with a fully compliant fleet under federal and state regulations. With our own trucks, we have the flexibility to deliver more efficiently. In an effort to maintain a clean environment, we are proud partners of SmartWay and support all initiatives to reduce emissions.

  • Company Drivers: Our team of safe and skilled drivers makes us a flexible and reliable transportation solution for your business. Our drivers are experts in navigating the roads and port complexities. With the support of our drivers, we handle the most demanding and time-sensitive deliveries.

  • Independent Contractor Fleet: With our dedicated pool of independent contractors, we are able to adapt to your business’ seasonal demands and expansion. We enjoy a strong and productive long-term partnership with our independent contractors.

In-Bond Transportation: 

Many customers are moving to FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) and bonded warehouse facilities to gain savings and efficiencies in their supply chain. To facilitate these strategies, Pacifica maintains a Continuous Custodial Bond with US Customs and Border Protection.

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